Constance Edwards Scopelitis

Quiet Lunch – 2018

Read the December Quiet Lunch Art Magazine Article: “Constance Edwards Scopelitis Embraces the “Tech Effect”” by Kurt McVey. Constance’s digital work, presented in a group exhibition at the Cornell Art Museum, as well as Scopelitis’ thoughts on the current art market, digital art media and other topics are discussed. Click here to read: Constance Edwards Scopelitis Embraces “The Tech Effect” Quiet Lunch

Exhibition at Cornell Art Museum, Delray Beach, FL- 2018

In October of 2018, Constance Edwards Scopelitis exhibited a number of her Digital Art Media and Master Graphite works at the group exhibit, “Tech Effect” at the Cornell Art Museum in Delray Beach Florida.

ArtProv Gallery – 2018

In September, Constance exhibited her SleepWalkers canvases at ArtProv Gallery in Providence, RI

For more information on the gallery, visit their site:

Dr. Ora Pescovitz Portrait Reveal – 2018

Constance unveils her portrait of Dr. Ora Pescovitz,  president of Oakland University in Michigan.

Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary – 2018

Join Constance Edwards Scopelitis and Long-Sharp Gallery at this year’s Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Art Fair 2018. Experience and witness her Digital Media piece “SHOCKRA”.

Art Miami – 2017

Constance’s Digital Media artwork “PEACE: The Color Version” will be exhibited at Art Miami December 5-10, 2017. For more details about the fair, please visit Art Miami’s Official Site.

Athena Shrugged Remix – 2017

Join Long-Sharp Gallery as we celebrate women in the arts with “Athena Shrugged Remix.” The exhibit opens Friday, November 10 from 6:30-9:00pm and will be followed by a panel discussion Saturday, November 11 from 10:30am-12:00pm.

Exploration of the role of women in the contemporary art world has been a year long project at Long-Sharp Gallery.  Indeed, “Athena Shrugged Remix” is the 5th installment of a five-part project that began earlier this year in Long-Sharp Gallery’s New York Project Space.  Parts I-IV of the series constituted solo exhibits in LSG New York, each focused on the work of one female artist: Constance Edwards Scopelitis (Indiana, Part I), Jamea Richmond-Edwards, (Maryland, Part II), Sabina Klein (New York, Part III), and Tatyana Fazlalizadeh (New York, Part IV).

The series ends in Indianapolis with Athena Shrugged Remix.  This final group exhibit includes works by the artists exhibited in New York this year (Scopelitis, Richmond-Edwards, Klein, Fazlalizadeh) and adds invited Indiana artists Anila Quayyum Agha (Indianapolis) and Cagney King (Greenfield), Amy Kirchner (Indianapolis), and Mary Pat Wallen (Warsaw).

A panel discussion on Women in the Arts will take place Saturday November 11, 2017 from 10:30 am – 12:00.   The discussion will be moderated by Shannon Linker, Vice President of the Indianapolis Arts Council and the Curator for Gallery 924.  Panelists will be Constance Edwards Scopelitis, Amy Kirchner, Anila Quayyum Agha, and Cagney King.

The exhibit and panel discussion are sponsored by Conrad Indianapolis, Evan Todd Salon & Spa and Pattern Magazine.

BlouinArtInfo on Athena Shrugged – 2017

Constance Edwards Scopelitis, and other participants in the year long exhibition of “Athena Shrugged”, have been featured in the international art site BlouinArtInfo.  All of the solo exhibitions will be returning to the Long Sharp Gallery, in downtown Indianapolis, for the Athena Shrugged: Remix exhibition. To read the BlouinArtInfo article, please visit Athena Shrugged at Long Sharp New York.

For more information on the Athena Shrugged: Remix show, please visit  or visit the Long Sharp Gallery


ArtPrize 9 – 2017

Constance’s newest Digital Art Media piece “19” is on exhibit at the City Water Building in Grand Rapids, M.I. for ArtPrize 9.  The artwork is on display until October 8, 2017.  For more information, please visit the ArtPrize 9 Official Website :


Art New York at Pier 94 – 2017

Constance’s Digital Media Artwork “Peace” is on exhibition in Art New York, May 3-7, 2017 at Pier 94, presented by Art Miami. To read an additional review of Art on Paper, published by Hyperallergic, click here and view the multiple installations and works that were on display.

D/Railed Magazine – 2017

Read the March 2017 D/Railed Contemporary Art Magazine Article: “Through the Looking Glass: Innovative Women Artists Who Reclaimed the Gaze At New York Armory Art Week” by Audra Lambert. Constance’s work “Bang Bang!” is featured in the publication and placed in context with other women artists. Click here to read: D-Railed Magazine Article-Armory Week 2017

Athena Shrugged Solo Exhibition (Part I: Constance Edwards Scopelitis) – 2017

Join Constance for an exciting exhibition “Athena Shrugged”. The show consists of four solo exhibits by important emerging and established female artists. The exhibition will be launched in the Long-Sharp Gallery’s New York Project Space, 24 West 57th St, New York, Suite 606.  Constance’s work was the first in the series, in which she exhibited new digital multimedia artwork. Her solo exhibition in the Project Space ran from March 8th – April 22nd. The show “Athena Shrugged, Reprise”  will return to the Indianapolis Long-Sharp Gallery in the Conrad Hotel November – December 2017.

Art on Paper – 2017

Both Constance’s graphite and multimedia digital artwork will be on exhibit at New York’s 2017 Art on Paper, located in downtown Manhattan’s Pier 36.

ArtPrize 8 Juried Finalist – 2016

Constance’s Digital Media piece “Bang-Bang!” was selected by the ArtPrize 8 jurors as a finalist for the Time-Based category. Constance’s piece, a continuing medium in both drawing and digital multimedia, reflects and intertwines contemporary issues surrounding gun policy and the future of American lives.

ArtPrize 7 – 2015

“Finger Pointing and the Culture of Blame and Fault in America” to be displayed at ArtPrize 7 opening Sept 23, 2015!

Go Figure – 2015

Opening a solo show in Atlanta Sept 11, 2015 at Westside Cultural Arts Center from 7:00-10:00 pm. On display through September 30!

IMOCA Finders Keepers – 2015

Please come to the First Friday Sept 4, 2015 0pening of IMOCA Finders Keepers! My coordinates are posted!

Spiral Gallery – 2015

The Indy Collective presented “Interstate Commerce”. Constance Edwards Scopelitis, and other artists, displayed their works in Spiral Gallery, located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Spring Masters NYC – 2015

To date the most stunning display of art works and artifacts Constance has ever been invited to be a part of.

Art Miami NY – 2015

Constance Drawing “REFLECTION” will be on display May 14-17, 2015 at Art Miami NY, Pier 94

Stutz Open House April 24-25

Stutz Open House

22nd year for open studio tours. Stop by and see Constance and her latest works.

Spring Masters & Art Miami New York – 2015

Constance is exhibiting in New York at these 2 venues; The Park Avenue Armory and Pier 94. Her monumental drawings will be on display. Spring Masters is May 8-12. Art Miami New York is May 14-17.

Indy Collective Pop Up Gallery – 2015

Indy Collective Pop Up Gallery

Indy Collective’s spring Pop Up Gallery in Broad Ripple was a huge success. Constance Edwards Scopelitis displayed and sold work over the 4-day event that took place April 9-12, 2015. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Studio Visit Vol. 25 – 2014

Studio Visit Vol. 22 – 2013

Studio Visit Vol. 17 – 2012

Volume 17
Studio Visit is a series of juried artist books. Since 2008 they have offered artists a new and effective venue through which to introduce their work to a serious national audience of art world professionals. Studio Visit presents all two- and three- dimensional media and is now working on its 19th and 20th volumes.
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Studio Visit Vol. 11 – 2010

Volume 11
Studio Visit is a series of juried artist books. Since 2008 they have offered artists a new and effective venue through which to introduce their work to a serious national audience of art world professionals. Studio Visit presents all two- and three- dimensional media and is now working on its 19th and 20th volumes.
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American Art Collector – 2007

August 2007
Artist profile for show at Marion Meyer Contemporary Art in Laguna Beach, CA
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Indiana Lawyer – 2006

September 2006
Portrait of judge-legislator-activist unveiled.
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Art Scene – 2005

September 2005
Marion Meyer Contemporary Art show review.
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