Constance Edwards Scopelitis

The Power of Contemporary Portrait Art

Fine Art Portraiture captures the cycle of life at a moment in time and keeps treasured memories alive both now and for generations to come. A great portrait allows the artist to transport the subject to any setting.  A great portrait captures and then reflects the life force of the subject.  A skilled portrait artist must connect in a way that leaves a hint of their subject’s soul on the canvas.

Portraits of Children

Portraits of children are influential in preserving memories. Create a window into the innocence and wonder of fleeting childhood moments.

Beyond the Moment

Great portrait artists create works that can be appreciated by more than the family members or colleagues that commission them. A remarkable portrait begs the viewer to question, “Who was that person?” and “What was their life like?”


Graphite and metal point drawings have a poignant beauty. Contemporary drawings in black and white are timeless.


Corporate leaders, business owners, philanthropists, politicians, teachers, clergy, sports figures, and everyday heroes come alive on an artist’s canvas.

Outside the Box

Sometimes different is better. Unique, distinct, and diverse mediums, styles, and sizes combined with imagination create excitement in portraiture.

It’s Never Too Late

We don’t always have the chance to honor those important to us until after they’ve gone or retired. A portrait can recapture the past in all its glory.