Constance Edwards Scopelitis

The Power of Contemporary Portrait Art

Fine Art Portraiture captures the cycle of life at a moment in time and keeps treasured memories alive both now and for generations to come. A great portrait allows the artist to transport the subject to any setting.  A great portrait captures and then reflects the life force of the subject.  A skilled portrait artist must connect in a way that leaves a hint of their subject’s soul on the canvas.

Children’s Oil Portraits

Children’s Oil Portraits are influential in preserving lifelong memories.

Create a window into the innocence and wonder of precious childhood moments. For lasting memories, photographs can be taken by the artist at a specific location or in the artist’s studio. You may also provide a cherished photo from your beloved family albums. These photos will be utilized when creating the canvas, giving you and your loved ones a timeless oil portrait of your child.


Your Children’s Oil Portraits begins with an underpainting. Watch the artist explain her techniques, here>

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Official Oil Portraiture

Official Oil Portraiture: Corporate leaders, business owners, philanthropists, politicians, teachers, clergy, and athletes come to life on the artist’s canvas.

In order to capture the spirit of the sitter, photography is an essential step in executing any official oil portrait. When a man or a woman has successfully lead an institution or business, an oil portrait is a special way to honor that person’s contribution.


For an example of a commissioned Official Oil Portrait, click here >

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Contemporary Portraiture

Outside the Box Portraiture presents each individual with a unique, distinct, and diverse canvas. Sometimes different is better.

Executing each portrait with unique mediums, styles, and sizes combined with imagination create excitement in each contemporary portraiture. In these portraits, photographs from your personal collection can be priceless information for the artist. Sitters can bring in a photograph from the past to recreate a special moment in time, or select an image from current photo albums. From photographs, to one-on-one time with the artist, the sitter will be able to narrate their own unique story and intertwine your own biography onto the canvas. Utilizing exciting mixed media elements, such as embroidery and cross stitch, these additional layers will present a one-of-kind, outside of the box, semi-autobiographical portrait.


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Join Constance Edwards Scopelitis, and fellow artists of the Indy Collective, in the newest fine art gallery in Indianapolis: 10th West Gallery. Within the newly remodeled gallery, view Constance’s newest Contemporary Portraiture work, here>

It’s Never Too Late

It is Never Too Late to commission a portrait of those we love. Honoring an individual from the past, through oil portraiture, allows for their friends, family members, and other colleagues to admire their lasting legacy.

We don’t always have the chance to honor those important to us until after they’ve gone or retired. A portrait can recapture the past in all its glory.The beauty of this type of portrait work is that loved ones, or trusted colleagues, may select a memorable photograph of the individual and allow the artist to capture the spirit of the sitter.


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In honoring a beloved Indianapolis judge-legislative-activist, Scopelitis was commissioned to execute an official oil portrait. To read this article, and view other Scopelitis news articles, click here >


Graphite and metal point drawings have a poignant beauty. Contemporary drawings in black and white are timeless.

Stated by the artist, Scopelitis informs her viewers that “to execute photo realistic drawings takes commitment, patience, and stillness. The heart slows, blood pressure lowers, and the mind stays in a meditative state of now. There is satisfaction seeing the trail of your mark making transform white paper into something else entirely. Content matters and it can be read very clearly in black and white.” Utilizing photographs to assist in the drawing process allows for artist to finesse and clearly present a crisp image of the individual.


In 2014, Scopelitis held a solo show of Indiana Icons. These icons, ranging from Indiana-born Hollywood actors to local authors, were presented in the Long-Sharp Gallery, in the Conrad Indianapolis. To view the work, watch the movie HERE.

Recently, Scopelitis’ Graphite works on paper, as well as her Digital Art Media, were launched and exhibited in Art on Paper, a highly prestigious art fair in New York City. To view items in the show, read about Scopelitis and her gallery representation on Artsy, here>   To view other Graphite Works, visit Scopelitis’ Master Graphite page, here>