Constance Edwards Scopelitis

Digital Art Media

Digital Art Media: Remaining relevant in one’s own time and keeping one’s finger on the pulse are two credos I keep alive in my artist psyche.  Having had superb formal training at such places as the Art Students League in NYC and having studied with a giant in the art world like Isabel Bishop, I have a foundation for launching in to the 21st c with new ideas of what it means to be a figurative painter.

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Masterwork Drawings

To execute photo realistic drawings takes commitment, patience, and stillness. The heart slows, blood pressure lowers, and the mind stays in a meditative state of now. There is satisfaction seeing the trail of your mark making transform white paper into something else entirely. Content matters and it can be read very clearly in black and white.


Utilizing vintage family handkerchiefs, Scopelitis has developed a collection of rare, small drawings namely “#godisincleanlaundry”. The series presents surprising images one might encounter while hanging clean laundry on the line. As expressed by Garvey|Simon, these textiles are “unsavory sights and icons of lust and depravity. Drawn in delicate detail with carbon, animal heads and feet, cigarettes, and condoms enact subversive mutiny against the polite virtue of the fabric, visual puns that collide to show piety at its highest and lowest.” To view the works selected by Garvey|Simon, please visit their website, here.

Memoir Paintings

My siblings and I often remark, “We were raised by wolves.” There was much love in our family but not much supervision. I, my sister and brothers were allowed to run free and learn life through making mistakes…a lot of mistakes. My parents lived on coffee, cigarettes, and books. The yard was not tended, the house was never picked up, and childhood illnesses were barely survived. Yet, we thrived on creative projects going on in every corner of the house and we all had witty senses of humor. Out of the struggle, hilarity, and nostalgia came these memoir based paintings.

Broken Halos

In the Broken Halo series, my concepts surrounds the pitiable character (in us all) who starts out strong with a clean slate, loses steam, gets distracted or addicted and ends up making a mess of things. By the time there is an awakening there may be no repairing the damage. We can exit having redeemed ourselves through repentance, good deeds, etc but our trail of tears follows us in to our graves.

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I am a painter, yet I dream mostly in black and white. I am a painter, yet I consider my paintings to be drawings. I am a painter of color when I most want to be challenged by paint for paint’s sake.



Paper Collage

I place highly rendered figures within a world of expressionistic pop culture archetypes. I grab symbols influenced by contemporary life and insert them into a narrative executed in oil on linen with paper collage. I reinterpret visual icons from ad campaigns, fashion, graffiti, movies and sexual politics. My work brings the representational past in to the Pop Present.

Narrative Paintings

Initially, I approach my canvases with a deliberate color palette. My imagery comes from a deep psychological place where subliminal narratives emerge through personal icons, mythology and storytelling. I deliberately juxtapose highly rendered figure work with expressionistic pop culture archetypes and abstract mark making. Read more >