Constance Edwards Scopelitis

Early Years

Was a scholarship kid in numerous winter “Saturday School” programs at Herron School of Art, Indianapolis.


Spent seven summers racing quarter midget racecars. I learned to run a perfect circle pattern on an oval racetrack. This skill was an indication of eye, brain, and hand coordination useful to art making later in life.


1964 Quarter Midget Racing

1969 Woodstock

Attempted to hitch hike to Woodstock, NY for the music festival. I was thwarted by a furious father who promptly sent me to Europe to make a thirty-day grand continental tour of every major city, art museum, and cathedral.

1969 Europe

After seeing the work of Michelangelo and Da Vinci I got and kept a waitressing job for four years in order to get to art school.

1974 Indiana University

1973-1977 I attended art school at Indiana University. I painted in oils for a year with my teacher Barry Gealt’s “throw away” brushes and his recommendation to use only four colors. Due to lack of funds, Professor Gealt said I could do “value studies” with cerulean blue, raw and burnt umbers, and titanium white. Invaluable…

Was drafted into ROTC to be on the IU Rifle team. Once again eye, brain, and hand coordination made being a marksman possible.

1974 Self Portrait

Self-portrait in four colors; cerulean blue, titanium white, raw and burnt umbers.

1975 Self Portrait

First oil in full color

1979 Studies with Isabel Bishop

Studied with American figure painter Isabel Bishop at Notre Dame South Bend, IN

1979 First Public Exhibit

First public exhibition of graphite drawings granted by Tom Schorgl of the South Bend Art Center, IN

1979 Gallery Aquinas

Started Cooperative Gallery Aquinas in South Bend, IN ’79-81 with fellow artists


Gave birth to only child Ashley Constance Edwards Crofoot in Greenwich, CT


Back to Indiana

1989-2001 Greece

Painted every summer on the Greek Island of Samos.


Was inspired by and observed Aristoteles Solounias and his narrative figure style of painting.

Painting on Samos

1993 Art Students League

Studied at the Art Students League in NYC.
Established studio in the historic Stutz auto factory in Indianapolis.


“The Gods” the very first oil painting on linen with clear gesso

1999 Vermont

Fellowship Grant to the Vermont Studio Center

1999 Maui

Gained very first national gallery representation through Sargent’s Fine Art in Lahaina, Maui

2002 Breakthrough

Sargent’s Fine Art Gallery in Maui would host Openings for me every winter. I would spend enough time there to paint during my visits. I learned a great deal about historical body tattoos of the South Pacific and began using those patterns in my paintings. The figure is purely defined by those very patterns. I launched a series of fourteen canvases at a solo exhibition called “Tattoo You” in Santa Fe at Horizons Gallery 2002.

2005-2008 Laguna Beach

Went to left coast and established a studio in Laguna Beach, CA

2006 Breakthrough

Advent of using the “redstring” as a metaphor for our attachments and entanglements came from Laguna Beach inspiration.

2007 Monumental Figures

Solo Exhibition at Marion Meyer Contemporary Art in Laguna Beach

2009 Breakthrough

Mixed media with cold wax, oils, and metal leaf. The figure remains but in oil sketch form. The beauty of the linen canvas plays a significant role in the color palette.

2010 Breakthrough

mixed media; oils with paper collage

2010 Constance & Ashley

2010 Artist Agent Agreement

Signed contractual agreements with artist agent Rhonda Long Sharp of Long Sharp Gallery

2010 Holland

International Fellowship to Schildersweek Holland

2010 Studio Shot

Another day in the studio

2011 Morning Palette

Morning Palette

2011 Breakthrough

“Upstream” was the first of a series where I deliberately omitted the presence of the figure.

Afternoon Palette

Afternoon Palette

Digital Art

“24 hours/3rd Shift” the first of a series of oil paintings with embedded video

2012 Detroit

Solo show in Detroit with Long Sharp/Curis Gallery

2012 Newport

Solo Show Newport, RI on yacht

2012 Miami

Opening SCOPE Miami

2012 Art Basel

Bill & Marie Kennedy at Art Basel ‘12

2012 Animamus Art Salon

Alliance with Animamus Art Salon in Brooklyn

2012 Indy

A Sunday in the studio


“Blame & Fault in America” series begins

2013 Fellowship

Recipient of Creative Renewal Fellowship through the Eli Lilly Foundation of Indianapolis

2013 Studio Shot

Indianapolis Studio Mini Retrospective

2014 Brooklyn


Paintings get larger and larger.

2015 Abstract Experimentation

2015 Spring Masters New York at The Armory

2015 Art Miami / New York

2015 Indy Collective Weekend Pop-Up

2015 Indy Collective Solo Show, Grand Rapids

2015 Art Prize 7, Grand Rapids

2016 Summer Studio

2016 Crossroads New Media

Exhibited Digital Media pieces Bang-Bang ! and Rose Colored Glasses

2016 Art Prize 8, Grand Rapids

Constance’s Digital Art Media masterwork, Bang Bang!, was placed on the Art Prize 8 Juror Shortlist Time-Based category. Constance’s piece was on exhibit in the City Water Building located in downtown Grand Rapids,M.I.

2017 Art on Paper NY

2017 Athena Shrugged Solo Exhibition (Part I: Constance Edwards Scopelitis)

Exhibited Digital Art Media at Long-Sharp Gallery New York Project Space

2017 Art New York at Pier 94

2018 January Studio

2018 Spring Studio

2018 Summer Studio

2018 Art Sparkle at Indianapolis Art Center

A visitor stands in front of Constance Edwards Scopelitis’ Digital Art Media “Bang Bang” which was on display during the Indianapolis Art Center’s 14th Annual Fundraising Gala.

2018 Cornell Museum Delray, FL

Constance Edwards Scopelitis attends her group exhibition in Delray. FL at the Cornell Art Museum.

2019 Spring Studio

2019 Autumn in New York City